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Photo: DLT-IV
Size: 4.1"W x 4.1"H x 0.95"T 
Tape types: DLT-III (CompacTape III) (Gray color case)
DLT-IIIXT Extra length DLT-III (White case)
DLT-IV (CompacTape IV) (Charcoal case)
  • The DLT drive is the successor to DEC's (Digital Equipment Corporation, later Compaq, now HP) TK-50 and TK-70 drives.
  • Whereas the TK-50 and TK-70 were only found on DEC computers, the DLT was an OEM product and is found on many platforms.
  • The drives were developed by DEC, and the DLT product line is now owned by Quantum.
  • See the separate listing for Super DLT (SDLT): Super DLT Tapes.
DLT Model DEC Model Media Length Native GB Comp. GB
DLT-260 TK-85 DLT-III 1200' 2.6 -
DLT-600 TK-86 DLT-III 1200' 6 -
DLT-2000 TZ-87 DLT-III 1200' 10 20
DLT-2000XT   DLT-IIIXT 1800' 15 30
DLT-4000 TZ-88 DLT-IV 1800' 20 40
DLT-7000 TZ-89 DLT-IV 1800' 35 70
DLT-8000 TZ-90 DLT-IV 1800' 40 80

Compressed capacity assumes 2:1 compression.
For Super DLT see Super DLT Tapes

DLT III and DLT IV tape
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