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Super DLTtape I,  Super DLTtape II

Photo: Super DLTtape I
Size: 4.1"W x 4.1"H x 0.95"T 
Tape types: SDLT-I (Green case)
SDLT-II (Blue case)
  • The Super DLT is the successor to the DLT series of drives, which in turn were the successors to DEC's (Compaq) TK-50 and TK-70 drives.
  • See the separate listings for DLT and TK-50 & TK-70.
  • The SDLT 220 drive only reads and writes in SDLT 220 format.
  • The SDLT 320 drive can read and write in either SLDT 320 or 220 format.
  • The SDLT 600 drive can read the SLDT 220 or 320 formats, but not write to them.
  • The 220 and 320 drives use the Super DLTtape I media, and the 600 drive uses Super DLTtape II media.
Super DLT Model Media Color Length Native GB Comp. GB Reads Writes
SDLT-220 SDLT-I Green 1833' 110 220 220, VS-80, DLT-1, 8000, 7000, 4000 220
SDLT-320 SDLT-I Green 1833' 160 320 320, 220, VS-80, DLT-1, 8000, 7000, 4000 320, 220
SDLT-600 SDLT-II Blue 2066' 300 600 600, 320, 220, VS-160 600
Compressed capacity assumes 2:1 compression.
A note about model names: There is some confusion between the drive names and media names. There are three drives (the 220, 320, and 600), and two types of media (Super DLTtape I, Super DLTtape II). The 220 and 320 drives use Super DLTtape I and the 600 drive uses Super DLTtape II.
The 220 drive was initially called just "Super DLT", or "SDLT", but when the 320 drive came out, some people called the 220 drive "SDLT 1" and the 320 drive "SDLT 2". However, when the 600 drive was released, it used Super DLTtape II media, which then caused some people to think the 600 drive was a "Super DLT 2", or "SDLT 2", the same name others had given to the 320 drive.
The drives are now only called SDLT 220, SDLT 320, and SDLT 600, and are not referred to as SDLT 1, SDLT 2, etc.
DISC reads and writes the SDLT 220, SDLT 320, and SDLT 600.
Super DLT, SDLT I tape
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