Photographs of computer tapes; tape specifications
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Tape types:


VXA-1 / VXA-2, V6 tape
3.75"W x 2.4"L x 0.6"T
At the time of writing there are 3 types of VXA drives and several types of media, as shown in the table below.   All have the same physical dimensions. 
VXA Tape Length VXA 1 capacity VXA 2 capacity VXA 320 capacity
V6 62 M 12/24 GB 20/40 GB Do not use
V10 124 M 20/40 40/80 Do not use
V17 170 M  33/66 60/120 Do not use
V23 Discontinued Use X23
X6 62 M  Do not use 20/40 40/80 GB
X10 124 M Do not use 43/86 86/172
X23 230 M Do not use 80/160 160/320
VXA 8mm tape
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