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TK-50 CompacTape
TK-52 CompacTape II for TK-70 drive

Photo: TK-52
Size: 4.1"W x 4.1"H x 0.95"T 
Tape types: TK-50 CompacTape 
TK-52 CompacTape II for the TK-70 drive
  • The TK-50 is 95 MB unformatted (about 70 MB formatted).
  • The TK-52 is 295 MB unformatted (about 250 MB formatted).
  • Both tapes are found only on DEC (Compaq) computers.
  • They work in the TK-50 and TK-70 drives, respectively.
  • The TZ-30 drive is a SCSI version of the TK-50 drive.
  • These were the predecessors to the DLT, and are the same size, but not the same media as the DLT.
See DLT for TK-85, 86, 87, 88, 89, and 90 drives.
TK-50 & TK-70 CompacTape I & CompacTape II
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