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Tape and drive types:


Mammoth, Mammoth 2 (M2)

Mammoth 170 M
3.75"W x 2.4"H x 0.6"T
There are 2 types of 8mm Mammoth media: Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME), and AME with a built-in cleaning strip (Exabyte calls this media "Smart Clean").  Both of these come in various lengths. All have the same physical dimensions. 
There are two Mammoth recording formats:  Mammoth, and Mammoth 2. 
There are three Mammoth drives: Mammoth LT, Mammoth 8900, and Mammoth 2. The 8900 is sometimes just called "Mammoth"
Tape capacity ranges from 5 GB (Mammoth 1 format on 22M tape) to 160 GB (Mammoth 2 format on 225 M tape, with compression). 
Tape & drive combinations:
  • Mammoth Lt and Mammoth 8900 record in Mammoth 1 format. 
  • Mammoth 2 (also called M2) records in M2 format
  • Mammoth 2 claims to read Mammoth 1 format tapes, although 3 of the 4 drives we've owned either failed to read M1 tapes at all or read very slowly (about 1 MB every 10 minutes).
  • Mammoth LT drives use 22 or 125 M AME tapes
  • Mammoth 8900 drives use 22, 48, 125, or 170 M AME tapes (with firmware upgrade)
  • Mammoth 2 uses 75, 150, or 225 M AME with Smartclean (and also accepts the 8900 tapes)
AIT is not the same; see the separate listing.
8mm Mammoth, Mammoth 2 (M2) tape
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