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LTO (Linear Tape Open)

Photo: LTO 2
Size: 4.15"W x 4.0"L x 0.85"T 
Tape types: LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6
  • Each generation of tape media (LTO1 ~ LTO6) is a different tape formulation. 
  • See the table below for compatibility and media details.
Drive Model Native Media Color (1) Length Tracks Native Capacity Compressed Capacity (2) Encryption LTFS (3) Reads Writes
LTO-1 LTO-1 Black 2000' 384 100 GB 200 GB No No LTO-1 LTO-1
LTO-2 LTO-2 Purple 2000' 512 200 GB 400 GB No No LTO-2, LTO-1 LTO-2, LTO-1
LTO-3 LTO-3 Blue-Gray / Slate blue 2240' 704 400 GB 800 GB No No LTO-3, LTO-2, LTO-1 LTO-3, LTO-2
LTO-4 LTO-4 Green / Teal 2690' 896 800 GB 1600 GB Yes No LTO-4, LTO-3, LTO-2 LTO-4, LTO-3
LTO-5 LTO-5 Dark Red 2776' 1280 1.5 TB 3 TB Yes Yes LTO-5, LTO-4, LTO-3 LTO-5, LTO-4
LTO-6 LTO-6 Black 2776' 2176 2.5 TB 6.25 TB Yes Yes LTO-6, LTO-5, LTO-4 LTO-6, LTO-5

1. HP uses different case colors: Blue, dark red, yellow, green, light blue, purple for LTO 1 - 6.
    Worm cartridges have a light gray bottom shell.
2. Assumes 2:1 compression for LTO1 - LTO5, and 2.5:1 compression for LTO6.
3. LTFS (Linear Tape File System) requires a drive that supports partitions. LTO5 up support partitions.
LTO Ultrium tape, IBM 3580 tape
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