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Tape types:


DTF-1 GW-730L
10.0"W x 5.7"H x 1.0"T
There are 2 different DTF drives and tape formats: DTF-1 and DTF-2.
DTF-1 and DTF-2 media are different, and they are each available in two lengths.  All have the same physical dimensions. 
The table below lists the drives and media.
DTF Drive DTF Media Capacity
DTF-1 GW-240S 12 / 31 GB
DTF-1 GW-730L 42 / 108 GB
DTF-2 GW2-60GS 60 / 155 GB
DTF-2 GW2-200GL 200 / 518 GB
Sony DTF tape
Note: Due to the size of this tape, it is shown at half the scale of our other media photos.
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