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StorageTek 9940

Photo: 9940
Size: 4.3" W x 4.9" L x 1.0" T
Tape types: 9940

The StorageTek 9940 is a single-spool, high-capacity tape.  Unlike the 9840 cartridge, which contains two spools and is a center-load, quick-access design, the 9940 is designed for higher capacity.  The single-spool design has room for more tape than the two-spool 9840 design, so the capacity is higher, but the 9940 gives up the center-load quick-access of the 9840.
The tape cartridge design is unique to the StorageTek T9940 drive and cannot be read in the StorageTek T9840, or other drives such as 3480 or 3590. 
There are two drives, the T9940A and T9940B. Both drives use the same media. The 9940A has an uncompressed capacity of 60 GB, and the 9940B has an uncompressed capacity of 200 GB. Compressed capacity is about double that.
DISC reads and writes 9940 tapes from 9940A and 9940B drives. 
StorageTek 9940 tape
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