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Photo: DC-2000
Size: 3.2"W X 2.4"H X 0.55"T
Tape types: Any tape in the DC-2xxx or DC-3xxx series, plus many proprietary tapes. 
  1. These tapes can be identified by their size and by the solid metal, aluminum, backing plate. They are called "mini cartridge tapes" or "QIC tapes", or "QIC mini cartridge" (pronounced "quick").
  2. There are several tape lengths, and two tape widths: Standard tapes are 0.250" wide; wide tapes are 0.312" wide.
  3. There are many different types of media with different coercivities and number of tracks.
  4. There are several recording formats, such as QIC-40, QIC-80, QIC-3010, QIC-3020, QIC-3080, QIC-3095, plus proprietary formats like Irwin Rhomat.
  5. These tapes are pre-formatted, and have a very specific Volume Table at the beginning of the tape.
  6. Almost all the tapes are used with Backup programs, and although there are QIC standards for these tapes, most of the time you have to read a tape with the same software that wrote it. These tapes are usually found on PCs, and occasionally found on MACs and other systems.
  7. There are extra length versions of these tapes. See other photos in Identifying Media.
DC-2000, DC-3000 QIC tapes
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